Apartment house Nac Bovec has entered its winter season. Our guests can enjoy peace of mind on the slopes, this year we have enabled a free shuttle to the ski resort Sella Nevea and Tarvisio (Lussari). The ski resorts are within a 30 minute drive, they are distinguished by natural snow and skiing in the very high mountains. In the ski resort Tarvisio (Lussari) also night skiing is possible. In this year's winter 2013/2014 Slovenian ski resort Kanin site will not operate.

Of course, in the winter is also possible to other activities such as snowshoeing, sledding at night in Mangrt, Sky running, paragliding, etc..

Our guests ski even cheaper!

Price list New Year's period between 12.21.2013 - 06.01.2013

Two day pass     -   48 €
Three day pass  -   70,5 €
Four day pass    -   92 €
Five day pass    -   110 €
Six day pass     -   132 €

Prices in high season from 07.01.2013 to 16.03.2013

Two day pass    -   42 €
Three day pass -   60 €
Four day pass    -  76 €
Five day pass    -   90 €
Six day pass     -   108 €

* Prices are valid for the ski resort Sella Nevea and Tarvisio when renting any apartment in the apartment house.

Some highlights from the ski slopes Višarje (Tarvisio-Lussari)

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apartments_nac_mapasella apartments_nac_sellasky1 apartments_nac_tarvnight

Some highlights from the ski resort Sella Nevea

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